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It’s Me!

Hi, my name is Lydia Beagle

And I am from Portland, Oregon. I am just the average twenty-two-year-old almost graduated, (hopefully) college student with a degree in Organizational Communication with a focus in Environmental Studies. I am an actively busy individual, who is trying to figure out the next step in my life, as I close this chapter of my college education. I know what you are probably thinking right now, “why should I trust this random girl on the internet?” Well, if it is any consolation, these recipes have been tried and tested, and to be honest, sometimes have not turned out to be the best! But, baking is all about trying and testing new things. Of course, when learning new recipes or just learning how your own oven bakes goods (trust me, this is crucial!) everything you make may not turn out perfect every time. Keep trying, keep baking, and you will nail it! I originally created this website to be a creative outlet for myself. Along the way, I decided to share these recipes that I make on a consistent basis. All I know is that I love spending time baking, trying out new recipes, and the best part, tasting the finished products. I hope you find this to be an inclusive space welcomes anyone and everyone, no matter the skill level. I created this website to be a collaborative space. If there is any recipe that you want to learn and have me post about, do not hesitate! Send me an email or comment on a post. This website is as much as it is for me, as it is for you. So, help me create the website that you want to use. Please feel free to contact me through email if you have any comment, question, or concern. Come and join me on this journey of learning new recipes and building up new baking skills. Hope you enjoy!